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Monday, November 2, 2009

How to reset your iPod Touch

In this article you will learn how to (hard) reset your iPod touch if you are experiencing technical difficulty such as freezing, a white screen or slow performance. It is expected you will have to do this at least once every two months or so. This is the equivalence of doing control alt delete on your keyboard on the computer to get things unfrozen.

Step 1: With the iPod Touchfully charged, apply pressure to both the sleep/wake button (on the top left corner of the iPod Touch) and the home button (on the bottom front of the iPod Touch) at the same time for approximately 15 seconds.

Step 2
After holding both buttons at the same time you should get an gray apple logo in the center with a black background.

Step 3
At this stage, wait until the apple logo disappears and the screen is black. You are now safe to turn the iPod Touch back on (pressing and holding the sleep/wake button at the top left corner) until iPod Touch is fully up and running again.

Article by: artmartyr0105

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