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Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to get more traffic to your Ezine Articles

So you’ve been writing how to articles for ehow for a couple months and don’t seem to be making as much money as you would like to. You have written articles on several different subjects and yet, you aren’t getting the traffic that you anticipated. Everyone that writes for ehow wants to know one thing; how do you drive more people to your articles so that you can make more money? There are a few different things that you can do to get more eyes on your work and here are some.

Difficulty: EasyInstructions
Step 1. Pick a popular topic. One way to find out what is a popular search on the internet is to search for it! Go to your favorite search engines and search for “most searched terms.” You can get a list of pertinent and timely topics that people are interested in and are actively looking for. Once you have found some ideas, write an article that centers around these terms.

Step 2. Find your audience and then write an article for them rather than writing an article and then finding an audience. Look online for forums on different subjects. For example, if you find a forum about baseball, write an article about how to hit a ball and then make a post about your article. Put a link on there for people to go read your article.

Step 3. Use social networking websites to your advantage. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or MySpace account, put up an announcement about your new articles. Get your friends to go read them and recommend them to everyone they know. If you have written quality material, people will want to see more.

Step 4. Write a large amount of articles on varying subjects. Check out your profile to see which articles are doing well in terms of page views and write more about that subject or similar subjects. The old saying is not to fix what ain’t broke. Follow that advice.

Article written by mikeahearn123

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  1. Great tips. When many people start out writing online, they don't realize the amount of promotion that has to happen as well.