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Monday, November 2, 2009

How to Post a Technorati Widget on a Site

Creating an account for your blog on Technorati and having one of your widgets on your site will help your promote it like nothing else. Technorati is a compilation of blogs and sites that helps users navigate through content, as filters themes and topics that readers can customize.

Go to and click on "Join" to create an account and register your site on the system. You can register as many sites as you want. At the bottom of the form, remember to click where it says "I have a blog and I want to claim it." If you leave this unmarked, you won't be able to register your site.

Step 2
Enter your confirmation code.
Check your email and enter the confirmation code Technorati has sent you. This will allow you to claim your blog.

Step 3
Enter your blog information.
Enter your blog/site's URL in order to claim it. To complete the claim, you will be given HTML code that you have to paste on your site. As Technorati's guidelines will say, you can later remove this code, but you have to post it at least once and on the front page so you can claim your site within Technorati. Click to complete claiming once you are done.

Step 4
Technorati's blog widgets section
Go to the widgets section that you will see under the blogger central menu. Choose the one you like most and copy the code so you can paste it on your site. Having a Technorati widget on your site will help readers keep track of your content, promote it and improve your audience.

Step 5
Go to your site and check how the widget is working. You can go back and forth between your site and Technorati to see how your readership grows, what are their favorite posts and statistics of visits and hits to your site.

Article written by: DJFF

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