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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogging Tips and Resources

Once you have set up your blog, you need to focus on your content. Try creating about 10 interesting post, or best of all tutorials. Tutorials are great because most of the community is looking for knowledge when they are online. Another way is to do some Blog Hopping and by that, I mean visiting other Blogs.

When you go to other Blogs, they should be related to your business or artice. If you feel the need to leave a comment, then do so – just make sure it is for a good purpose and not be a sales pitch. Your post needs to be on topic and you can also leave a link to your blog as well. For example, when someone leaves me a positive comments on my Blog and links back to their site it gives me a feeling of accomplishment so I’m preety sure that’s how most Blog owners would feel.

By doing this, you will gain organic traffic back to your blog. This will be attracting visitors of the same niche so that way more people can click on your link to join your blog discussion as well. For example, if I was a visitor and type in “How to raise my baby kitten” in Google, I would come across a blog and start gobbling up that information. When I’m finished, I may read the comments and see another post from a visitor that shows their signature and a link to “All about Kittens and how to raise them.” This would
surely grab my attention and I would click on the link.

Your second benefit to this habit is that your site will start being crawled by Google or any other search engines. If your wondering how exactly this works – well, what happens is that the crawler bots count how many external links it finds yo your websites.The more times your website appears on other blogs, the more that will help you because it will increase your page rank, thus increasing

Last but not lease, this will help you begin the habit of good blogging. Just by visiting successful blogs, this will actually help you come across new blog controversies and tricks. You might also learn something that will benefit your knowledge. After all, as a blogger – it is your duty to collect information over the internet and store it in your brain, mainly for blogging purpose.


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