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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Link Partners

Here are my most recent link exchange partners based in order by date:
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Singapore Interior Designer
Artrend is the leading interior designing specialist for your hdb, landed properties and corporate offices.

Mafia Classic
Mafia classic is a multi player online text based game. Over 60 different types of attacks. Snipers, crew bombings, featured weapons, bullet proof vests , kidnappings. Credit and cash prizes to be won. Mafia game ,browser mafia games ,free mafia game

Buenos Aires Hoteles
Hoteles buenos-aires. Com. Mx! Buenos-aires. Com. Mx es la guia dedicada a los sudamericanos y a los hispanoparlantes que desean no solo vacacionar y divertirse en la magnifica ciudad de buenos aires, sino para quienes van a estudiar y trabajar.

Soil Erosion Control
Deltalok is a leading company specializing in sediment erosion control, soil erosion control solutions.

Z Bargain Stop
Clothing, electronics, jewelry and tools at bargain prices.

Public Insurance Adjusters Texas
We are licensed texas public insurance adjusters that are dedicated to assisting texas policyholders with their property damage claims. Call us for a free consultation on your claim!

Austin Mobile Oil Change
Austin oil change is the premier mobile oil change provider in the greater austin, texas area. Our staff services both large corporate clients as well as individuals who just do not have the time to take their car in to a retail location.

Stop Smoking Houston
Welcome to the acupuncture houston web site, the internet home of one of houston’s oldest acupuncture clinics, peking acupuncture. Drs. Tiong ling and nancy ling established peking acupuncture in 1982

Rug Cleaning Calgary
Affordable oriental rug cleaning, wool rug cleaning, persian rug cleaning and area rug cleaning pick up and in home cleaning - calgary alberta

Link Market - Free Link Exchange, Link Swap and Link Trade Directory
Have you ever tried to exchange links, swap links, or trade links? Was it hard? Use link market instead; - it is easy to use, free and very smart. It will save you hours of work.

How to do Link Building for your website

There are many benefits to link building for your website. For example, you can generate traffic that is genuine. Many people spend thousands of dollars for advertising, but once they stop paying for the ads - the traffic will stop all together.

Link Building is the process of creating strong back links to your site on different websites. Before you read the rest of this tutorial, you might want to read my other article about how to get your website indexed by google by clicking here. That way you know your website is in their directory for anything to show up.

I know it may seem like a tedious process for your website - but once you do this, it really pays off - and that way you don't need to buy bogus traffic. There's a few things that you should consider before doing this. Content is an essential key so visitors will have something pleasing to read.

Set a goal each day, like ay you will post 5x a day on your website. Now, I will begin to show you the steps of link building.

Submit your site to Link Directories
There are some good link directory programs out there that are free to generate a small amount of traffic. Try looking them up on google and signing up to 10 link directories just to start out. It may take 2-4 days to get your link approved by admins. but it's worth the traffic you will get in the long run.

Submit your site to search engines
Search engines provide a great way of getting a steady flow of traffic. The first 3 search engines you should submit your website to is Google, Yahoo, and MSN. That way you will get your maximum views for your website. You can extend your results by looking for more search directories as well. Try submitting your website to 2 search engines each dy and you should have loyal visitors in no time.

Social Networking
The best way to market your website is by social networking. Head on over to Myspace and make an account. It doesn't have to be myspace, can be Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, or any other site. You should upload your logo in the place of your profile picture. It's possible that you can build up to 1,000 friends in 5 days with consistant work.

I know of three online programs that are free so you can add up to 500 friends each day. Most of these sites work like this - you add friends, then each friend you add- you get a number of points for. Each point or points you receive - gives you friends that request an add from you. If you look in my post about how to get 500 myspace friends, you'll learn alot. Here is the link.

Popular forums are the best way to promote your site. If you post detailed tutorials and articles, you will have traffic to your website in no time. Set aside 1 hour each day to write one tutorial about something you know about but make sure it is related to your website topic or the visitors you will get won't enjoy your site. Trust me, the internet is a vast oasis and people are out there searching for all kinds of information to benefit their knowledge.

Submit your site to Article Websites
There are around 50 article submission sites out there that you can submit to. The only con to this is that it takes about 6-13 days to become approved once you submit an article. Make sure your grammar is correct and you do spellcheck as well. It's always good to have someone else proof read. I really reccomend starting out with the less popular submission sites because the admins. don't get that much e-mail, therefore they can publish your article in less than 6 days. Work your way up from there. You can also try EzineArticles, that's a great place to begin.

How to speed up your computer

Are you frustrated by your computers slow performance? Need to finish a project and you get that screen of blue death? That’s not a problem, there are many ways to fix your slow computer and I’ll explain each solution in detail. Don’t rely on a tech to spend 1000’s on just to fix something when you can learn to fix it yourself (if you have time, lol).

Restart your computer:
Most of the time, by restarting your computer – it fixes 60% of the issues you are having. It will also free memory from the applications that are active. You should do this at least three times each week instead of having your computer on all the time.

Back up your computer:
It is really important to backup your computer before you decide to change anything or free space. Besides, you might end up deleting a bunch of files that you didn’t want to or just delete something that makes the computer function – oops!

To do this, just click on “Start”.
Go to “All programs”.
Go to “Accessories”.
Go to “System Tools”.
And then click “Backup”.

Now you are ready to go!

Adding more disk space:
There is a way to add more so you can certainly improve your computers perforamance .

Go to the Start Menu and type in “Disk Cleanup” in the search query.
Remove your Temporary internet files.
Remove downloaded files programs.
Empty your recyle bin.
Remove Windows Temporary Internet Files.
Remove optional Window components that aren’t active.

Once you do that, open your anti-virus software and do a FULL scan of all the problems. Once your finished, go ahead and delete all the threats. If you don’t have anti-virus software – I recommend Norton or McAFee.

You can begin freeing up space in your computer. Disk cleanup should be used once every 2 weeks if you want your computer to be at its top performance.

Go to “Start”.
Click on “All programs”.
Click on “Accessories”.
Click on “System Tools”.
Then go ahead and choose “Disk Cleanup”.

This will probally take awhile depending on how many files it will have to go through on the computer.

Now, in the disk cleanup dialog box you need to click on the files that you want deleted.
Click on “Yes.” Once your prompted to delete the files.

Disk Defragmenter
You should use your disk defragmenter monthly or more then that depending on how often you use your computer. You should use it if the following occurs: your adding many files, your disk space free is less then 15%, you install new programs or another version of windows.

To begin the Disk Defragmenter, click on “Start.”
Click on “Accessories”.
Click on “System Tools.”
Then you will see the Disk Defragmenter. Click on it.

Now you need to click “Defragment now”. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and grab a nice cold one and relax – because it’s going to be quite awhile until the defragment is finished.

Once everything is finished, you can click on “View Report” to see the outcome of your scan.

Error Checking Utility
This will help with loss of data on your computer. When your hard drive is in use, sometimes it can get bad sectors which slow down hard disk performance. That's why if you try and save a file - sometimes it is impossible. You need to run this once a week at least. Before you try this, please close all your files and applications.

Go to "Start".
Click "My Computer"
Right click on "Hard Disk".
Click "Properties".
Click "Tools".
Now scan for all problems.

Remove programs you never use:
To get even more space on your computer, you need to delete the programs that you rarely or never use.

Go to "Start".
Go to "Control Panel".
Below "Programs", click "Unistall".

For the future safety of your computer:
Whenever your working on the internet or in an application, ALWAYS exit the other programs/browsers that are not in use or it will take up space on your computer.

Magnavox Odyssey - First game console ever created.

The first home video game console was released in 1972 and invented by Ralph H. Baer. It was a very popular peice of equipment until Atari's arcade game Pong was in the top #1 for video games. During the fall of 1975 Magnavox only played Pong, hockey and Odyssey 100.
Later on, a much more efficient game console came out which was Odyssey 200. Featured up to four playerss, onscreen scoring and a third game called Smash. The game called "Smash" was released to the market with Atari's own home Pong console which was sold by Sears.

There was a problem in the console during the 1977 crash, which led RCA to abandon the game consoles so now only Atarai and Magnavoc remained in the home console market.

In the 1980s, many other companies soon released video game consoles of their own which by far, beat the features of the Atari and Magnavoc. Stemming from the early days, here we are with the PS3, WII and Xbox.

New Apple iPhone 3G S

Today's most popular phone is the Apple iPhone 3G S. I woudn't be surprised since I'm aware of the vast features it offers. It is the best phone for someone on the go. Simply plug it into your car and it can be charged in no time. You stunning pictures as well? Well, no problem as the iPhone even offers high quality photos.
This is a high peice of technology, within the palm of your hands - you can also add useful applications. Choose from 70,000 applications for your personal or business desires. Organize your life with this fine equipment, has applications like Bento (create databases), Mover for swapping with other iPhone photos and much more.
Going to have a long driving trip? Well, that's great since the iPhone allows you to connect to your mp3's and even take calls without your hands - something called "voice activation".

Features include:

  • Video: High quality VGA videos for shooting.

  • 3-Megapixel camera: Built-in autofocus and display.

  • Voice Activation: Ask the phone to play a song for you or call someone.

  • New compass: Built in compass allows you to get around easier.

  • Cut, Copy, & Paste: Allows for copying for sending e-mails or adding to your clipboard.

  • Messaging: Talk to all your friends online msg service or through text.

  • Internet Tethering: Connect to the internet from anywhere or your laptop!

  • Voice memos: Create a memo so you don't forget any ideas or appointments.

  • Nike + Ipod: Start working out in the gym or from home. Ipod has sensor.

  • Lost iPhone: Forgot your iPhone at the park? No problem, it tracks and displays location.

  • Applications: Offers up to 70,000 applications.