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Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to get 500 FREE Myspace Adds per day without having to pay

I have been doing research on the internet, looking for a FREE program that would add myspace members without having to click on each and every profile. As we know, it is a very tedious and boring process. Anyways, for most of you who are trying to market a product, your blog, or services - this is a GREAT tool to use.

  • 100% Free to use (No signups and this is not an annoying demo)
  • Start adding up to 500 Myspace friends per day.
  • Easy No Hassle Points Reward System
  • No Catches, just SPAM Free Friends - This is my most recommended site since they don't even ask you to sign up or anything. No downloads or any of that junk. This will add 20 people each minute, it is very fast!

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