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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sony Cyber-shot Digital Still Cameras DSC-TX1 and DSC-HX1

Before you purchase a digital camera, there are a few things you need to take into consideration which is life of a battery, and the camera specs itself.

You know it's time for an upgrade if your pictures are dim, too much flash, or crop out a family picture. Perhaps your camera is more than 5 years old? It is a good idea to update your camera every 3 years, as technology is increasing dramatically - and I mean in a matter of months, not years.

There is a way to get around dull pictures, of course. With todays latest cutting edge technologies - Sony's latest Cybershot cameras have emerged and are highly popular amongst public today.

Revolutionary Image Sensor
Many photos are taken in dim lighting, so Sony equipped the Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 ($379;
) with a Exmor CMOS image sensor and DSC-H1 ($499) and these are responsible for capturing digital images. Designed to deliver extravagant results in images that are less grainy, sharper, and quite clear.

Rapid Photography
Each of these cameras take pictures of up to 10 images per second, even at the camera's highest resolution. This is an idea camera for sporting events and other quick moving objects.

Sweep Panorama Mode
Stop shooting and merging multiple images together with software programs. This camera allows you to generate stunning panoramas just by the simple click of the shutter button. It can sweep either horizontally or vertically without any effort. The camera then layers them accordingly to create a panorama result!

Shopping for your Cyber-shot
Both the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 and Cyber-shot DS-HX1 are very similiar, they can also be different for each customer. For example, if you need a camera while your on the go or perhaps a vacation - the pocket portable Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 is the best product for you.
It features 4X Optical zoom, 10.2 megapixels resolution and a 3 inch touch screen.
Someone who would like a camera that shoots at a farther range - would definately benefit from the Cyber-shot DSC-HX1. Features are a 3-inch LCD, 9.1-megapixel resolution, and a whopping 20X optical zoom G lens. It can also shoot wide angle images up to 560mm and 560mm telephoto range. Thus, this makes the perfect camera for shooting far away subjects.

More pictures and less deleting
If you are in sticky shoes to take the perfect picture - these cameras do all the work for you most of the time the photo turns out better then expected. Now you can certainly snap frame-worthy shots! Photographers who are serious about their business, shooting in the RAW formate will store data that's generated by a D-SLR image sensor located on the memory card. If you didn't know already - RAW images contain more detailed information compared to most file formats. 8 GB and 16 GB cards are available today.


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