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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to add TweetMeme to Blogger [ Solution to your template could not be parsed ]

I have spent about 2 hours trying to fix this problem and have finally came up with an easy solution that I'd like to share with the community.

Anyways, I went ahead and followed this tutorial: Add a Retweet button to your posts on Blogger with Tweetme

After I followed all the steps I kept getting this error on Blogger:
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “type” .

Did some fishing around to fix this and came up with a solution where you don't need to scroll through "Edit layout" and find the coding.

1. Go to "Edit layout" and copy all the HTML in your layout. Make sure expand widgets is checked first.

2. Go to:

3. Copy and paste your template into "Existing Blogger Template" box just below.

4. Adjust your settings the way you like.

5. Scroll down to "Generate Modified Template".

6. Wallah, you should have it now. All you need to do is copy that whole code and paste into "Edit template" in your Blogger. Now it is "Well-parsed". Hehe

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What is a blog trackback?

A blog trackback is basically a tap on the shoulder to another blogger. Consider this scenario to further explain trackbacks:

Imagine you are reading your friend Bob's blog about the New York Knicks. Bob published a great post about a recent game between the Knicks and the Orlando Magic called The Knicks Rule.

Now, imagine you write a blog about the Orlando Magic, and you decide to write a post that talks about Bob's The Knicks Rule post. As a courtesy, you could send Bob an email to let him know you wrote about his post on your blog, or you could give him a call. Luckily, the blogosphere makes that courtesy call a lot easier and gives you an opportunity for some self promotion, too.

To let Bob know you wrote about his post on your blog, you can link directly to his The Knicks Rule post from your own post and follow the steps in your blogging software to create a trackback link on Bob's post.

A trackback creates a comment on Bob's post with a link directly back to your new post! Not only have you completed your courtesy call with your trackback, but you've also put your link in front of all of Bob's blog readers who just might click on it to see what you have to say about the topic. It's simple and effective!

How Can I Create a Trackback?

If your blog and the blog you want to link to using a trackback are both hosted through Wordpress, you can simply include your link as you normally would in your post, and a trackback will automatically be sent to the other blog. If you and the other blogger use different blogging platforms, you'll need to obtain the trackback URL (or permalink) from the other blog post. Typically, this can be found at the end of the post (possibly through a link called 'Trackback URL' or 'Permalink'). Keep in mind, not all blogs allow trackbacks, so it's possible you may not be able to find a trackback link on some blog posts.

Once you have the trackback URL from the blog post you want to send a trackback link to, copy that URL into the 'Trackbacks' section of your original blog post. When you publish your blog post, the trackback link will automatically be sent to the other blog. Some bloggers hold all comments (including trackbacks) for moderation, so it's possible your trackback link may not appear on the other blogger's post immediately.

That's all there is to it! Trackbacks provide a courtesy tap on the shoulder and self promotion all rolled into one.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Add a Social Bookmarking widget to your Blogger

Adding Social Bookmarking widget greatly increase your Page Rank as well as Alexa Rank.Help Your users share your content everywhere. Generate traffic back to your site and increase your site's search engine ranking. The Best part Of It I Like Is That Our Visitors Can Follow Us FromThe Social Bookmarking Site Of There Choice.

To Install Below Every Post Follow The Instructions
Login to blogger
Go to Layout ---> Edit Html
Find The Code: <div class='post-footer'>

Paste The Bellow Code Bellow It

    <!-- AddThis Button by -->

    <div><a expr:addthis:title='data:post.title' expr:addthis:url='data:post.url' class='addthis_button'><img src="" width="125" height="16" alt="Bookmark and Share" style="border:0"/></a>

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></div>

    <!-- AddThis Button by -->

    Here are just a few great AddThis features:

    Smartest sharing tool ever.AddThis automatically optimizes itself for each person who visits your site. Every person shares differently, so AddThis custom fits each menu with the services they'll normally use. For example, if a user shares to Facebook and Amazon Wishlist, they will be presented with those first. This logic ensures that your content is always one click away, because the right service is always tailored to the right person.

    Largest collection of services, and growing.Your content can now be shared to more services than ever before. AddThis includes destinations from all over the world, including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Menéame, Hatena, and Nujij — and even utilities like Print, and Translate. Want to see one of your favorite services added? Suggest a service.

    Automatically translated in over 50 languages.AddThis is the most multilingual sharing tool in the world, currently translated in over 50 languages. If someone from another country wants to share your content, AddThis automatically translates its interface into their browser's language. More translations are being added every day, so language should never get in the way of your users sharing your content. Submit a translation of AddThis in your own language.

    Faster performance.One of first things you'll notice about the AddThis button is how fast it loads. We actively research and optimize the performance to make it lighter—every pixel has been designed to maximize sharing without taxing load time on your site.

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    How to Post a Technorati Widget on a Site

    Creating an account for your blog on Technorati and having one of your widgets on your site will help your promote it like nothing else. Technorati is a compilation of blogs and sites that helps users navigate through content, as filters themes and topics that readers can customize.

    Go to and click on "Join" to create an account and register your site on the system. You can register as many sites as you want. At the bottom of the form, remember to click where it says "I have a blog and I want to claim it." If you leave this unmarked, you won't be able to register your site.

    Step 2
    Enter your confirmation code.
    Check your email and enter the confirmation code Technorati has sent you. This will allow you to claim your blog.

    Step 3
    Enter your blog information.
    Enter your blog/site's URL in order to claim it. To complete the claim, you will be given HTML code that you have to paste on your site. As Technorati's guidelines will say, you can later remove this code, but you have to post it at least once and on the front page so you can claim your site within Technorati. Click to complete claiming once you are done.

    Step 4
    Technorati's blog widgets section
    Go to the widgets section that you will see under the blogger central menu. Choose the one you like most and copy the code so you can paste it on your site. Having a Technorati widget on your site will help readers keep track of your content, promote it and improve your audience.

    Step 5
    Go to your site and check how the widget is working. You can go back and forth between your site and Technorati to see how your readership grows, what are their favorite posts and statistics of visits and hits to your site.

    Article written by: DJFF

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    Writing and using Technorati Tags in a Blog [ How to write Technorati tags ]

    Join Technorati via its website by registering and claiming your blog. The act of claiming the blog creates a link from your user name to Technorati. The blog claim process is very simple and offered via a variety of easy-to-follow directions that might depend on the blog platform that you are using.

    Step 2. Write Technorati tags into your blog. Do this by either adding relevant text words that relate to your blog or that categorize your blog or by integrating tag links into your text. Some people add a section at the end of the blog called tags and simply list several links. Others integrate tags into their blogs, which can look more streamlined and result in a cleaner looking blog entry.

    Step 3. Choose popular and relevant tags to bring visitors to your blog. You can check a tag's popularity on the Technorati home page to see what today's popular tags as well as today's popular searches. Either click on them to see blogs categorized in that category or write your own blog with a tag listed in order to later find your blog entry under the directory for that specific tag.

    Step 4. Ping your blog when you finish writing a new entry with tags. Your homepage at Technorati has a tool that will allow a ping, which means that it will notify the directory that you have a new blog entry. It will classify your blog under your associated tags and notify those who have "Favorited" you via that user's homepage.

    Article written by: eHow Contributing Writer

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    GPRS FAQ [ What is GSM Technology ? ]

    Before 3G, mobile operators using GSM technology for their cellular networks first introduced widespread data services through a technology called GPRS, short for General Packet Radio Service. The technology is typically referred to as a 2.5G service, as it builds upon the standards introduced in 2G GSM telephony. As well as being available to users of 2G networks, 3G-enabled networks can fall back on GPRS if the 3G network itself fails for whatever reason.

    GPRS refers to the technologies of second generation GSM data, a worldwide standard in wireless technology. Wireless Internet, multimedia messaging and wireless software applications all make use of this technology to pass data to a GPRS-enabled cell phone. The technology is a precursor to EDGE, a faster (yet still second generation) data technology and so-called 3G services.

    Speeds of GPRS connections can be up to 115 kilobytes per second in lab environments. In real-world situations, however, data speeds to the consumer average around 30 to 40 kilobytes per second. Typically this is too slow for any type of streaming media, however is sufficient for most basic web browsing activities. In comparison, EDGE data rates are about 135 kilobytes per second, and 3G between 1.8 and 7.2 megabytes per second, again with the caveat that real-world conditions are slower.

    Hardware Types
    GPRS hardware falls into three different classes: A, B, and C. Most GPRS devices in useare Class B, which allows for use of the voice or data portion of the service at the same type. For example, when a voice call is received with Class B devices, the data channel is suspended and cannot be used until it ends. Class A devices will allow for voice and data to be used simultaneously, and Class C devices are like Class B devices, however the end user must manually switch the device between the voice and data channel.

    With the slowness of GPRS by nature, its usage is limited compared with faster technologies. During the height of the technology's use by GSM operators in the early part of this decade, web pages intended for mobile devices typically were of text only with limited graphical embellishments. While a GPRS connection can certainly load normal webpages, the speeds combined with latency issues will run load times for most pages to a minute or more. This most certainly makes mobile usage of streaming media difficult if not impossible.

    GPRS connections are not without their problems. One of the most typical problems with data connections with this technology is latency, or the amount of time it takes for a data packets to make the trip between the sender and recipient. Latency rates of around 1 second do occur, and is most noticed by the user in the delay for the desired data to load, typically at the beginning of the connection. These problems are much less noticeable in EDGE and 3G connections.

    Written by: Ed Oswald

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    How to reset your iPod Touch

    In this article you will learn how to (hard) reset your iPod touch if you are experiencing technical difficulty such as freezing, a white screen or slow performance. It is expected you will have to do this at least once every two months or so. This is the equivalence of doing control alt delete on your keyboard on the computer to get things unfrozen.

    Step 1: With the iPod Touchfully charged, apply pressure to both the sleep/wake button (on the top left corner of the iPod Touch) and the home button (on the bottom front of the iPod Touch) at the same time for approximately 15 seconds.

    Step 2
    After holding both buttons at the same time you should get an gray apple logo in the center with a black background.

    Step 3
    At this stage, wait until the apple logo disappears and the screen is black. You are now safe to turn the iPod Touch back on (pressing and holding the sleep/wake button at the top left corner) until iPod Touch is fully up and running again.

    Article by: artmartyr0105

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    Reverse E-mail look up Services [ How to trace a nasty e-mail ]

    One of the most annoying things anybody can get on his email inbox is a nasty, suggestive message that is not only offensive, but has also nothing to do with anything you're interested in. Similar to spam emails, offensive emails will not stop making their way into your inbox if you don't effect some reportage of sorts. The first logical step to making those emails end is taking your issue straight to the source. This is where reverse email look-up steps in.

    Find Name From Email

    Unsolicited and unwanted emails often have dummy sources so the receiver has no way of finding it where they're really from. Offensive emailing is considered a legal offense in some areas, that's why senders take pains to make sure they do not get caught. This is their downfall.

    Just when they think receivers of nasty emails can never trace them, reverse email look-up gets into the picture and guarantees that they are found out, wherever and whoever they are.

    There are a lot of online companies offering search services to those who to run a trace on certain messages. You can find name from email by partnering with a look-up service that promises to not sit still until it succeeds. Effective look-up services are able to supply you with the person's home address, telephone number, real name, and other personal details, even if all you had initially was an email address.

    Finding The Right One

    A reverse email look-up service will make sure you find who you're looking for. Although it comes with quite a price, the results you get will no doubt be worth every penny you've invested.

    There are many sites out there offering this service without a fee, but, let's face it, it's not likely you'll receive significant and real results -- no matter how much it promises to be the best in the industry. Finding names from email and succeeding at it precisely requires technology that simply cannot be sustained by free sites.

    Of course, before you decide to sign up for a paid service, it needless to say that you've already done your homework in proving the company's legitimacy. Bear in mind that because the Internet is a free world, you run the risk of hiring a service that is only after your money.

    With all that said, go track those offensive email senders now.

    Unsolicited and offensive emails have no place in your inbox. Reverse email look-up guarantees that senders of these messages are tracked and banned.

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    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    How to get more traffic to your Ezine Articles

    So you’ve been writing how to articles for ehow for a couple months and don’t seem to be making as much money as you would like to. You have written articles on several different subjects and yet, you aren’t getting the traffic that you anticipated. Everyone that writes for ehow wants to know one thing; how do you drive more people to your articles so that you can make more money? There are a few different things that you can do to get more eyes on your work and here are some.

    Difficulty: EasyInstructions
    Step 1. Pick a popular topic. One way to find out what is a popular search on the internet is to search for it! Go to your favorite search engines and search for “most searched terms.” You can get a list of pertinent and timely topics that people are interested in and are actively looking for. Once you have found some ideas, write an article that centers around these terms.

    Step 2. Find your audience and then write an article for them rather than writing an article and then finding an audience. Look online for forums on different subjects. For example, if you find a forum about baseball, write an article about how to hit a ball and then make a post about your article. Put a link on there for people to go read your article.

    Step 3. Use social networking websites to your advantage. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or MySpace account, put up an announcement about your new articles. Get your friends to go read them and recommend them to everyone they know. If you have written quality material, people will want to see more.

    Step 4. Write a large amount of articles on varying subjects. Check out your profile to see which articles are doing well in terms of page views and write more about that subject or similar subjects. The old saying is not to fix what ain’t broke. Follow that advice.

    Article written by mikeahearn123

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    How to Interpret the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

    Bloggers like me have to know what the Google Adwords Keyword tool is saying to us when we stick those keywords in there.

    I can't tell you how frustrating it was, and still is, to learn the Adwords system. Hopefully I can save you some of my initial frustration.

    The Adwords tool can bring you a lot of affiliate business, and though I'm still learning it, I do know more than I did. Here's what I know.

    Google Adwords Keyword Tool External

    Use the above link to get to the Google Adwords Keyword tool, in case you didn't know how to get there. You will see "How Would You Like to Generate Keyword Ideas?" across from a keyword box, and below that, you will see columns.

    Step 2 Chose the right tools and columns to get the right stats.If you're looking to get paid from Google affiliates, the first thing you should do with the Adwords tool is to make sure that after you put in your keywords, that you chose "Exact" Match Type and show the Estimated Average CPC column.

    Step 3 Chose keywords with moderate volume and full competition bars.Chose the keywords with from 10,000 to 30,000 monthly search volume. These are moderately popular keywords that people will search for, but that aren't oversaturated. You also want to use keywords with a full green bar, representing top advertiser competition. If the bar's all green, you can expect ads relevant to your subject material on your page. If not, you'll end up getting default ads, which don't make any sense to anyone at all ever.

    Article written by chrisdavy

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    How to earn money on Twitter [ Get paid from tweeting for advertisers ]

    If you don't already have one, sign up for an Twitter account and start building followers.

    Step 2
    Open your browser and type the address bar.

    Step 3
    Sign up as a Tweeter.

    Step 4
    Set your price.You will get the opportunity to set your own price but Sponsored Tweets will give you a suggested price based on your Twitter stats. One important stat is the number of followers you have so get that number up (watch your following/follower ratio though).

    Step 5
    Wait for an offer from an advertiser.If you do not have followers, you won't get an offer. If you want to start making money quickly, get your number of followers over a thousand before you start thinking about using Sponsored Tweets.

    Step 6
    Accept the offer, click Tweet button, and watch your account balance.

    SponsoredTweets referral badge

    Another similiar way to make money by tweeting is located below:

    Article written by Gabe Young.

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    How to create Youtube videos using Windows Movie Maker

    Make your movie using 'Windows Movie Maker', which comes as a free component of many computers. Save your file. This will put the movie in the MSWMM format which Movie Maker can read, but which YouTube cannot read.

    1. Open your saved file.

    2. Go to the file menu and click Save Movie File, or press Control and P.

    3. Select My Computer

    4. Click Next.

    5. Enter a name for your file, and choose to store it in an easy-to-find place such as My Videos

    6. Click Next.

    7. Select the setting you want. Best quality for playback on my computer may be the recommended setting, but YouTube doesn't take .wmv. Instead, go to the More settings option and set it to DV-AVI (NTSC), which will turn your file into a .avi.

    8. Go on YouTube.

    9. Make sure you have an account and click Upload.

    10. Fill in the forms.

    11. Upload your video by clicking on Upload Video. The upload will take a little while.

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    How to create Youtube videos online [ Using your digital camera, webcam or cell phone ]

    Make a movie using a digital camera, web cam, or cell phone. An old VHS will only work if you transfer it to a digital file—you’ll need a digital converter to plug an older camcorder into the computer. You can upload a YouTube movie directly from a phone if you set up a Mobile Profile in YouTube. With a high speed connection, it should generally take a few minutes, give or take.

    Step 2 Edit your movie. Programs such as Mac’s iMovie or Windows’ MovieMaker are both good—add titles, effects, cut out a bad take, etc.

    Step 3 Resize the video so it looks best in YouTube. The site accepts QuickTime .MOV, Windows .AVI, or .MPG files at 340x240 resolution. There’s a 100MB size and 10 minute length limit.

    Step 4 Create a YouTube account. Click on Upload Videos in the upper right corner of the home page.

    Step 5 Create a title, description, tags, category, and set language. The more information the better to help people find the video.

    Article written by Henry from

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    Tip to build Traffic: Adding your link in each Blog post

    The simplest way to make your blog part of your personal Web site is to simply link to it. Then place a link back to your site from your blog entries.

    Somewhere on your site you should have a navigation bar. This is a list of important links on your site. You probably would link to your home page from this list, your bio page and other top pages that you want your readers to find. If you want your blog to become a part of your personal Web site but you don't want to do any complicated coding then somewhere in this list you should add a link to your blog.

    Adding a Link

    Adding a link is simple. The basic code looks like this:

    <a href=""><b>Text For Link Here</b></a>

    Just replace the page address in this code with the page address of your blog and replace the text in this code with whatever you want it to say.

    If you already have the code set up for your navigation bar then just copy one of those links, paste the code you copied where you want the link for your blog and enter the name and address of your blog into the link in place of the code and title that are already in there.

    Linking Back From Your Blog

    Linking back to your site from your blog is going to require a little more work but don't be intimidated, it's just a little. The longer, harder way would be to create a template to use in your blog, but this is about doing it the easy way.

    You could add the link every time you create a new blog entry but that would take a lot of remembering and I don't know about you but I don't feel like adding links everytime I add a new entry to my blog. That's why we are going to try something a little different.

    I'm using Blogger for this lesson. If you use something else there may be something similar to what I'm going to show you in your blogging service, but I can't guarantee it.

    First log into your Blogger account. At the top you will see a list of tabs across the top. Click on the one that says "Settings" and then click on the link under it that says "Fomatting". Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a blank area with the words "Post Template" next to it.

    Enter your link here to take you back to your Web site. It should look something like this:

    <a href="http://linkto"><b>Go Back To My Site</b></a>

    Click on "Save Settings". Then on the next page click on "Republish". After it republishes you should be in the tab that says "Posting", click on the link under it that says "Create", as though you are going to create a new post.

    You will now see the link back to your site listed whenever you go to create a new post.

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    How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog – the advice from a 12 year old kid.

    I recently came across a post from 12 year old Blogger, David Wilkinson from Techzi on how to get traffic to your blog. We most definately can benefit from his advice. It's always good to have have an open mind to everyone. Anyways, here is his post.

    When Darren Rowse comes up to you, and asks you to write a post for, it’s not something you can really say ‘no’ to. Not that you’d want to of course, but more the fact that it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Why should I write, of all people though? Well Darren wanted to hear the methods that I as a young person use to drive traffic to my blog, without spending any money.

    Learning the basics:
    First you need to grasp and understand that the Internet is a big place. Several billion web-pages, and often with very little time available to the end-user, they’ll use several techniques to find what they’re looking for.

    Search? Standard engines like Google, Yahoo and Live are the most popular nowadays, and optimizing your site to be found easily, can be easy and hard based on many factors.
    My best advice for someone starting out would be to start by building quality content for somebody to see, then progressing to “The Three Cs”. This way, you’ll get noticed by genuinely interested people, who’ll actively want to play a part in your site’s development, by giving you quality feedback on ways to improve, design and usability.

    If you have a blog or a website that’s been going for several weeks, perhaps a month or two, and you’ve done “The Three Cs”, or at least some of them, would be to start focusing on building on your existing content, with fresh, interesting, relevant and unique content. Note I say ‘relevant’ and ‘unique’. This is important. There are so many splogs out there now-a-days, that people can quickly distinguish whether an article has been written by somebody or not, at least the majority of the time. Relevance too, like I said, is a key factor. If you have a very personal blog, then one day write something completely off-topic about a new type of golf club that comes out, people will start to wonder if you and your blog actually have an aim or a purpose, which is yet another vital thing to consider.

    If you’re somebody with a very mature blog, that is several months or more old, you can now focus on the technical side of things, which is mainly down to the spiders. If you’ve been blogging this long, then if you’re not on your own domain, or hosting, I recommend it, as it allows for greater flexibility, design and SEO. Search engine optimization? Yep! A Google Sitemap can be stuck on your server for the Google-Bot and metatags can be added, which let you pre-define information about your page automatically, such as the author, a description, keywords and feed information. This also makes usability easier for feed-ready browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. Tacky pre-set designs become a thing of the past too, and upgrading to Wordpress can be a smart move, as the developer community there will help you along the way with every aspect of your blog, from the writing itself, to the advanced functionality like widgets that are available, and the themes that are freely downloadable to customize your blog’s look. Of course you could always give design a go yourself as I did at – though admittedly I enlisted the help of two professional designers as well.So, what are these ‘C’s that I’ve been talking to you so much about anyway? Read on to find out…
    Community, communication, consideration.

    The three founding principals of marketing your blog to an audience, whether general, or specific. People want to get be a part of the next thing, so give them a chance.

    1. Community
    Whether you start up your own community, or join others, via means of MyBlogLog, MySpace, LinkedIn, Xing and others, this is a guaranteed and proven way to get visitors, to get hits, impressions, and often quality traffic, because you know that these people haven’t just clicked on a random link or search engine listing, but have seen you or your website’s profile, and followed it through to your homepage/landing page. The best ways to get the profiles themselves noticed? See below…

    2. Communication
    I don’t mean ’spam’ by this either. Get involved in genuine discussions, with other people of similar interests, start up a civilized, profitable, knowledgeable discussion, then when you’re finished, ask if they’d take a look at your blog or website. You’d be surprised how many loyal readers have come to my own blog in this way. Simply leave comments in communities, on social networks, on other blogs, etc.
    Still not quite your way of dealing with people?

    3. Considering
    All the time, you have to consider the reader. Who are you writing for? The reader. Who will be navigating your blog? The reader. Who should you devote your time, energy and attention to? The reader. Consideration is important, and you can show this in many ways. Either by having a clutter-free, easy-to-follow design, or you could alternatively try getting the readers involved, by asking questions in blog posts, or website statements, and opening up comments. If people comment, strike up a conversation with them, and keep them coming back. Answer their queries and requests with solid, reliable, dependable answers, and take note of the feedback they leave by using it, and putting it into action. If someone states that your text is hard to read, change the colour to stop it clashing so much with the background, or simply make it slightly larger.
    There are lots of ways you can show consideration to your audience, and it shows just how loyal you are to your readers through this. If someone spots an inaccuracy in a blog post and tells you, don’t be lazy. Go change it! They’ll keep coming back, they’ll tell their friends, and in turn this C will do word-of-mouth marketing wonders.
    The Element of Surprise

    You’ve looked at both SEO, content and the ‘C’s now, but my last tip is probably what has brought me the large majority of my visitors, both loyal and one-off traffic hoppers. Differentiate yourself, do something different. Be daring, be random! Try something wild, or something completely unheard of, whether it’s outrageous, or greatly beneficial to the reader. Sometimes, even beneficial to the writer! ( Mad things work out great sometimes, other times, they really can lower your reputation, so it’s time to take calculated risks here.

    My advice? Follow your instincts. Be an entrepreneur. Take that risk. Make it happen. Throw a competition (, for all the good it will do. Stand out and be different. Darren will sure know what I mean by that…
    David Wilkinson writes at

    800 Free Wordpress Templates / Themes

    It seems like everyone today has a Wordpress Theme so I was thinking, why not benefit the communities with these free themes? Here are links to the best Wordpress themes. Most of them are 2.8 compatible and are great for personal or business use. The first site is my favorite because they rate all the templates based on SEO use (headers, etc) and W3C compatibility.

    168 Wordpress Themes that have been rated based on SEO + General:

    100 Best Wordpress Themes you are going to Love and Use by TopTut:

    45+ Must see Wordpress Themes with Live Demo and D/L:

    552 Themes for Wordpress. WOW!

    70+ and more WP Themes from Epreson.

    150+ Free and Premium Wordpress themes provided by WPHacks.

    How to transfer posts from Blogger to Wordpress

    I just came across this a few days ago, in the event of trying to retrieve my posts on Blogger. It is very simple actually, only takes three clicks of your mouse to complete this task. Just follow the steps below and I will assist you in this =)

    1. Login to your Wordpress account.
    2. Navigate to the dashboard.
    3. On the left menu, click on “Tools”.
    4. Click on “Import.”

    Now, depending if you have Blogger or some other blogging platform, it’s preety easy from here. Just go ahead and choose the platform you have and then go ahead and import everything but make sure Google has access to your blog so it will go through. Hope that helps.

    Top 10 Blogs of 2009


    11,177,000 – Inbound Links 8,214,682 – Compete Monthly Visitors 5,800,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors 620 – Alexa Ranking.


    7,956,000 – Inbound Links 2,195,445 – Compete Monthly Visitors 3,700,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors 475 – Alexa Ranking.


    2,295,151 – Inbound Links 2,147,461 – Compete Monthly Visitors 3,600,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors 575 – Alexa Ranking.


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    11,195,978 – Inbound Links 2,048,014 – Compete Monthly Visitors 2,400,000 – Quantcast Monthly Visitors 2,146 – Alexa Ranking.


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    Saturday, October 31, 2009


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    Social Networking

    In this day and generation, almost everyone is connecting to Social Networks like Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Hi5 and many more out there. These networks can benefit you in two ways. One is expanding your friends, letting you take part in various dicussions with others. Another is to promote your business as well.

    The risks and benefits of social networking as a business tool

    As wikis, RSS, blogs and social networks such as Facebook grow in use, can their technologies and popularity be beneficial to businesses, or do they present too much risk? That question was at the heart of a recent symposium hosted by the Fox School’s Institute for Business and Information Technology, “Social Computing and Networking: Business Tool or Consumer Fad?”
    At the start of the this highly interactive symposium, the 73 participants — Temple alumni, faculty and students, as well as regional business practitioners — filled out a survey aimed at uncovering how prevalent social networking tools are in the business environment. Participants indicated that while some social networking tools, such as blogs, are universally adopted by people across all industries, others, like the virtual environment Second Life, are not important or useful to them.

    According to symposium moderator Munir Mandviwalla, “Social networking is new and relevant for business use because it can enable employees to network with each other and exchange knowledge.”

    The panelists discussed the pros and cons of these relatively new media, praising them as connecting people with common interests, and more efficiently helping companies reach out to employees, clients, consumers, contacts and potential employees. On the other hand, they warned, more media channels can lead to loss of confidentiality, information overload, and a company’s inability to control — or perhaps even generate — content for the channels they set up.

    The bottom line: People and businesses participating in these social media need to understand and calculate the benefits and risks before engaging them, said Mandviwalla, associate professor and chair of Management Information Systems at Temple. Related research being conducted in the MIS Department includes projects with Lockheed Martin to understand why people participate in such networks and the value of social networking, and another project with GlaxoSmithKline on Second Life.

    Temple University has established several social networking sites to help connect its community members, including for alumni, friends, students and faculty, and an “MIS Community” (above) for students, faculty, partners and alumni of the Management Information Systems Department, which recently hosted a symposium on social computing and networking.

    This symposium, held Jan. 31, was co-sponsored by Lockheed Martin and GlaxoSmithKline, which supplied several of the panelists. To learn more about Temple’s Institute for Business and Information Technology, including upcoming events, visit
    — Written by Genevia SawyerFor the Fox School of Business

    How are social networking technologies being used?
    According to a survey of symposium attendees:

    • Social computing and networking can enable organic and bottom-up innovation (as opposed to the traditional top-down model of organizational hierarchy).
    • Blogs and wikis and applications such as Facebook and LinkedIn are the most-used social networking tools.
    • Most of the organizations represented have no plans of using virtual worlds, such as Second Life, in the near future.
    • Blogs are universally adopted by people across all industries.
    • IT-based industries tend to use wikis, RSS, tagging, social networks and media sharing more than non-IT based industries.
    • These tools are very beneficial, but only people who claimed more experience with these tools tended to be more cognizant about the risks of these technologies.
    • Large organizations are more likely to use these tools for both internal and external use. On the other hand, smaller organizations are more willing to use these for external uses, such as communication with customers.
    • Organizations are still not sure how best to manage or regulate these technologies. Companies are also concerned about information leakage and legal liabilities arising from social computing and networking usage.
    These results were compiled by Assistant Professor of MIS Sunil

    Top Social Networking Sites

    Blogger (222 million)
    Facebook (200 million)
    MySpace (126 million)
    Wordpress (114 million)
    Windows Live Spaces (87 million)
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    Thursday, October 29, 2009

    facebook friend adder

    900 Free Wordpress Themes / Templates

    This posting has currently been moved to my new Wordpress blog, you can be redirected by clicking the link below:
    900 Free Wordpress Themes Free

    Sunday, October 18, 2009

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    How to speed up your computer

    Are you frustrated by your computers slow performance? Need to finish a project and you get that screen of blue death? That’s not a problem, there are many ways to fix your slow computer and I’ll explain each solution in detail. Don’t rely on a tech to spend 1000’s on just to fix something when you can learn to fix it yourself (if you have time, lol).

    Restart your computer:
    Most of the time, by restarting your computer – it fixes 60% of the issues you are having. It will also free memory from the applications that are active. You should do this at least three times each week instead of having your computer on all the time.

    Back up your computer:
    It is really important to backup your computer before you decide to change anything or free space. Besides, you might end up deleting a bunch of files that you didn’t want to or just delete something that makes the computer function – oops!

    To do this, just click on “Start”.
    Go to “All programs”.
    Go to “Accessories”.
    Go to “System Tools”.
    And then click “Backup”.

    Now you are ready to go!

    Adding more disk space:
    There is a way to add more so you can certainly improve your computers perforamance .

    Go to the Start Menu and type in “Disk Cleanup” in the search query.
    Remove your Temporary internet files.
    Remove downloaded files programs.
    Empty your recyle bin.
    Remove Windows Temporary Internet Files.
    Remove optional Window components that aren’t active.

    Once you do that, open your anti-virus software and do a FULL scan of all the problems. Once your finished, go ahead and delete all the threats. If you don’t have anti-virus software – I recommend Norton or McAFee.

    You can begin freeing up space in your computer. Disk cleanup should be used once every 2 weeks if you want your computer to be at its top performance.

    Go to “Start”.
    Click on “All programs”.
    Click on “Accessories”.
    Click on “System Tools”.
    Then go ahead and choose “Disk Cleanup”.

    This will probally take awhile depending on how many files it will have to go through on the computer.

    Now, in the disk cleanup dialog box you need to click on the files that you want deleted.
    Click on “Yes.” Once your prompted to delete the files.

    Disk Defragmenter
    You should use your disk defragmenter monthly or more then that depending on how often you use your computer. You should use it if the following occurs: your adding many files, your disk space free is less then 15%, you install new programs or another version of windows.

    To begin the Disk Defragmenter, click on “Start.”
    Click on “Accessories”.
    Click on “System Tools.”
    Then you will see the Disk Defragmenter. Click on it.

    Now you need to click “Defragment now”. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and grab a nice cold one and relax – because it’s going to be quite awhile until the defragment is finished.

    Once everything is finished, you can click on “View Report” to see the outcome of your scan.

    Error Checking Utility
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    Go to "Start".
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    Right click on "Hard Disk".
    Click "Properties".
    Click "Tools".
    Now scan for all problems.

    Remove programs you never use:
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    Go to "Start".
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    Below "Programs", click "Unistall".

    For the future safety of your computer:
    Whenever your working on the internet or in an application, ALWAYS exit the other programs/browsers that are not in use or it will take up space on your computer.

    Magnavox Odyssey - First game console ever created.

    The first home video game console was released in 1972 and invented by Ralph H. Baer. It was a very popular peice of equipment until Atari's arcade game Pong was in the top #1 for video games. During the fall of 1975 Magnavox only played Pong, hockey and Odyssey 100.
    Later on, a much more efficient game console came out which was Odyssey 200. Featured up to four playerss, onscreen scoring and a third game called Smash. The game called "Smash" was released to the market with Atari's own home Pong console which was sold by Sears.

    There was a problem in the console during the 1977 crash, which led RCA to abandon the game consoles so now only Atarai and Magnavoc remained in the home console market.

    In the 1980s, many other companies soon released video game consoles of their own which by far, beat the features of the Atari and Magnavoc. Stemming from the early days, here we are with the PS3, WII and Xbox.

    New Apple iPhone 3G S

    Today's most popular phone is the Apple iPhone 3G S. I woudn't be surprised since I'm aware of the vast features it offers. It is the best phone for someone on the go. Simply plug it into your car and it can be charged in no time. You stunning pictures as well? Well, no problem as the iPhone even offers high quality photos.
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    Going to have a long driving trip? Well, that's great since the iPhone allows you to connect to your mp3's and even take calls without your hands - something called "voice activation".

    Features include:

    • Video: High quality VGA videos for shooting.

    • 3-Megapixel camera: Built-in autofocus and display.

    • Voice Activation: Ask the phone to play a song for you or call someone.

    • New compass: Built in compass allows you to get around easier.

    • Cut, Copy, & Paste: Allows for copying for sending e-mails or adding to your clipboard.

    • Messaging: Talk to all your friends online msg service or through text.

    • Internet Tethering: Connect to the internet from anywhere or your laptop!

    • Voice memos: Create a memo so you don't forget any ideas or appointments.

    • Nike + Ipod: Start working out in the gym or from home. Ipod has sensor.

    • Lost iPhone: Forgot your iPhone at the park? No problem, it tracks and displays location.

    • Applications: Offers up to 70,000 applications.

    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    How to protect my camera from rain or moisture

    How can I protect my camera from rain or moisture?
    If you don't have the proper equipment to protect your camera from rain or moisture, you can always put it under your coat pocket to keep it warm as well.
    Also, they have special camera bags available online so you can actually take it under water with you if your scubba diving or just from the rain/snow. Just be sure you don't get bit by a shark =)
    Try searching Google for "underwater camera bags". They arn't very expensive but some of them can get preety up there - they are around $40-$300 and you can take pictures beneath the water from about 15 feet or more.

    How can I keep my camera screen from getting any scratches or dirt on it?
    Just use a proper LCD protector that will fit your LCD. Sometimes you may need to cut the adhesive cover just to fit your LCD.

    How can I keep my camera from getting melted or overheated in the car?
    Simply go around and just lock it in the trunk. This will also eliminate the possibility of theft. Sometimes direct sunlight can warp the camera parts. On hot days, you can take it indoors.

    Sony Cyber-shot Digital Still Cameras DSC-TX1 and DSC-HX1

    Before you purchase a digital camera, there are a few things you need to take into consideration which is life of a battery, and the camera specs itself.

    You know it's time for an upgrade if your pictures are dim, too much flash, or crop out a family picture. Perhaps your camera is more than 5 years old? It is a good idea to update your camera every 3 years, as technology is increasing dramatically - and I mean in a matter of months, not years.

    There is a way to get around dull pictures, of course. With todays latest cutting edge technologies - Sony's latest Cybershot cameras have emerged and are highly popular amongst public today.

    Revolutionary Image Sensor
    Many photos are taken in dim lighting, so Sony equipped the Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 ($379;
    ) with a Exmor CMOS image sensor and DSC-H1 ($499) and these are responsible for capturing digital images. Designed to deliver extravagant results in images that are less grainy, sharper, and quite clear.

    Rapid Photography
    Each of these cameras take pictures of up to 10 images per second, even at the camera's highest resolution. This is an idea camera for sporting events and other quick moving objects.

    Sweep Panorama Mode
    Stop shooting and merging multiple images together with software programs. This camera allows you to generate stunning panoramas just by the simple click of the shutter button. It can sweep either horizontally or vertically without any effort. The camera then layers them accordingly to create a panorama result!

    Shopping for your Cyber-shot
    Both the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 and Cyber-shot DS-HX1 are very similiar, they can also be different for each customer. For example, if you need a camera while your on the go or perhaps a vacation - the pocket portable Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 is the best product for you.
    It features 4X Optical zoom, 10.2 megapixels resolution and a 3 inch touch screen.
    Someone who would like a camera that shoots at a farther range - would definately benefit from the Cyber-shot DSC-HX1. Features are a 3-inch LCD, 9.1-megapixel resolution, and a whopping 20X optical zoom G lens. It can also shoot wide angle images up to 560mm and 560mm telephoto range. Thus, this makes the perfect camera for shooting far away subjects.

    More pictures and less deleting
    If you are in sticky shoes to take the perfect picture - these cameras do all the work for you most of the time the photo turns out better then expected. Now you can certainly snap frame-worthy shots! Photographers who are serious about their business, shooting in the RAW formate will store data that's generated by a D-SLR image sensor located on the memory card. If you didn't know already - RAW images contain more detailed information compared to most file formats. 8 GB and 16 GB cards are available today.

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    This page has moved to;

    Adding your video to myspace or third party site is a great way to promote. Here are 3 simple steps to get your youtube video to have auto play.

    1. Login to

    2. Go to this youtube url as an example:

    3. Go to the video you would like and click on the right hand side where is shows the author info.

    4. Under that, it will show "URL". Click select all.

    5. Paste your code in notepad and edit the line like this:

    After the first fancy "and" symbol, replace the code with "".

    Don't use the dots (.) when you do this... Delete all the dots.

    Here is an example below:

    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    How To Install Wordpress on Godaddy [ A tutorial for beginners working with Wordpress ]

    It may seem like a difficult task to install Wordpress to Godaddy, but it is fairly simple. If you have a different hosting provider, you can still follow these steps because most hosting providers include services like installing Wordpress with a click of the button and the rest is up to you.

    1. Go to In the left hand side of the page, click "Download Wordpress".
    2. Create a file in My Documents and name it "Wordpress" so you can easily locate your files that you downloaded.
    3. You are going to need a Godaddy Account for the next steps. Just go to and there are some inexpensive hosting and domains.
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    5. Click on the hosting account you registered with and then click on "Edit". This will prompt you to a new page, to set up your hosting account. For the username and password, be sure to save it somewhere for future use. They usually say that it will take from 24-48 hours but it actually only takes 4 hours or so to activate your hosting so you can use it.
    6. Create a MySQL Database. This is where Wordpress will save it's data. Once your account is active go to login to Godaddy. (You probally have to wait 4 hours or so for this step.)
    7. Click your Hosting account which will be under "Products". Go ahead and open your Hosting account Control Panel.
    8. This will open a new page. Click on the "Database" icon.
    9. After this, go to "Create Mysql Database". Now you can create your database.
    10. Choose the version you would like to use. If you don't know the current version, just leave it at the default version.
    11. When creating the database, be sure to save your unique username and pw you created. You will need it later.
    12. After your database is finally set up, go back and check on your new database. Under the action column, there will be a pencil icon, just click on that. This shows your information in case you forget anything.
    13. Go and open the file wp-config-sample.php
      . Edit these fields below
      define(’DB_NAME’, ‘putyourdbnamehere‘); // The name of the database
      define(’DB_USER’, ‘usernamehere‘); // Your MySQL username
      define(’DB_PASSWORD’, ‘yourpasswordhere‘); // …and password
      define(’DB_HOST’, ‘localhost‘); // 99% chance you won’t need to change this value.
    14. Save your file as wp-config.php but don't add the -sample in.
    15. Now it is time to upload all your files to Godaddy hosting. There are two ways you can do this. Go to Godaddy and click on Content. Under the Content, there should be an FTP Editor tab, click on that.
    16. Select all the files in the Wordpress folder and go ahead in transferring them into the root directory of your server.
    17. The Final Step: Go to and then login with the login details you saved. You are now ready to edit your Wordpress website.

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    • Get your domain at with hosting too. Build your design website. It must have the following: home, about (optional), portfolio (important), and your contact e-mail.
    • If you are having the issue of not having a current portfolio, just go to and make a few posting for a free website for people but make sure it's only 1-5 pages for this deal. Otherwise, there are some people out there who would gladly take advantage of you. Be sure to post your URL in the footer of the website once you have completed it.
    • Make business cards, only if you can afford it. There are also places on the internet where you can get free business cards. The only cost is shipping, and the catch is that they will have their website adress on the back. If you don't mind that, it's a preety good deal I would come to think.
    • Create your Web Design contract. This is very important because if something happens like lets say, you complete the rest of the website layout and your client refuses to pay you - you will have a contract to show in case you decide to take this as far as the court room. It also gives the client a sort of reminder that your design business is serious when it comes to creating a website. There are a couple sites that give you examples of free websites that you can fish around for. Make sure the contract terms include website details of what is to be done, payment details, estimate and length of project, and full name and adress of your client along with phone number. Those are the essentials.
    • Don't wait to get paid until after the website is completed: This is the first mistake I made when I first created a website for one of my first clients. The project I was creating, well he wanted revision after revision. A month went by and we were still doing the revisions. I finally completed the site and he decided he didn't want it anymore. So, all that work was spent for nothing but a good lesson was learned. That's also when I learned - a contract would have served me great in that situation. Always take payment after a preview of the layout or do it in 3 billing steps. Before, in the middle, and after. I prefer to bill my clients in 2 steps which is 50% and 50% for final website.
    • The client is always right: I know that alot of you webdesigners have a great sense of style and creative values. That's what we were hired for, right? Well, sometimes there are clients who come along and once we create their website - they want changes, correct? Yes! Most of the time this happens, but some of the people want their business website to look almost personal. For instance, I had someone who said to me "Let's have a yellow backround and falling raindrops for my site." Well, that would look terrible. But I guarantee if you argue with the client and say no, your out of money. Just politely do what they say. If you don't like the website you created for them, just don't add it to your portfolio. For instance, I only add the best websites to my portfolio. The ones I don't like are saved, but others just can't view it.
    • Where do I find clients for my webdesign business? The best place to find clients is . It is a bidding site just like EBAY, but only for webdesign projects and data entry as well. However, if you don't have ratings on that site it is preety difficult to win the bids without feedback so I suggest using craigslist until you get a feedback of at least 10 or more on there.