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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to get your site indexed in Google within 24 Hours

I am writing this tutorial because, as a webdesigner, many people ask me how to get their site index by google without having to pay any money. These 15 different steps should have your site indexed by tomorrow or it is possible - in the next 6 hours.

Following Steps to Index your site:

  1. Create a website with ORIGINAL content: It is very easy for just anyone to copy someone else's content and not the best way to go about this. However, it is okay to copy content only by quoting another and linking back to their site. I would really ask the site owner first, for their permission before you do anything further.
  2. Build a website identity: Before anything, you need to build a creative identity for your website. Something that can be recognized easily. I would start off by creating your own logo or generate a free one yourself. There are alot of programs out there that are dirt cheap to make a logo that looks professional for you. Also, use your website name as the same name for all of your social networking - that way if someone wants to find you it won't be difficult to find you.
  3. Advertise via Social Networking: Yes, that's right. Go ahead onto sites like Myspace, Facebook, Hi5 and Twitter. They provide the best organic traffic. I would start out by posting around in the forums with your URL attatched whenever you want to submit a post to someone. By this, I don't mean spamming the whole world but provide genuine posts like "Hello, I really enjoy looking at your art.. What types of oils do you use? I'm trying to learn painting on my own time" .. etc. It is just a fun way of posting and interacting with other people as well. Who knows, maybe you'll make some friends and they will be sure to visit your blog and tell others about it. Also, having alot of friends on Myspace and doing alot of bulletin posts will really help you.
  4. Post your link to POPULAR Blogs when you visit: Look up the most popular blogs that are out there now and comment on what they are doing. If you really like some of the discussions or content they have, tell them what you think and be sure to post your link to your blog. They might even want to visit you and do some future reading.
  5. Post at least 5x a day or more on different topics: Suppose your blog is about Webdesign or Celebrities? Well, you don't necessarily need to stick to that topic. The best way to get readers world wide is to expand your topics and that way you have alot more readers visiting you. They will be looking into something that they are interested in. The more frequent you post, the more links you will have indexed in google, thus getting more traffic.
  6. Submit your site to Aggregate Feeds: I know your probally wondering what this means but I'll explain.. It's basically a website where the headlines are stored and collected by the website owner. So, let's say you go to - Go there and link your website. What this will do is put up the latests posts on your website, and when someone clicks it - you generate traffic.
  7. Add your website to the following site to have it indexed: You can go to the following websites: , , , and . If anyone knows anymore good sites for me to post, let me know and I will happily post them up here.
  8. Add META Tags in the heading of your HTML for your website: This is basically an easy way to get more traffic to your site, increasing it to googles rankings. For more information on how to insert the meta tag code into your site, you can visit this website:
  9. Submit a Sitemap to Google webmaster tools: Just go to google webmaster tools and verify your account there. Once you complete that, you need to create a sitemap. This is not hard and I know of a tutorial that will explain this to you at the following link:


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