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Saturday, September 12, 2009

During my daily ads posting...

Getting up in the morning and going directly to the laptop is usually the start of my daily agenda. Posting my business ads on CL is a must, as I get 70% of my webdesign clients from there..
This morning, I noticed something different though. Ran into something that made me giggle, very unexpected. Here's a posting reference from "Best of Craigslist".

You posted an ad that promised nice sod at a great price. I responded promptly, excited that your offer and my need of cheap sod could coincide so conveniently. Obviously we're made for one another! Then I checked my email every hour on the hour, anxiously awaiting your response. I never got one! How could that happen? I sent another e-mail and then, just to make sure, I tested both e-mail addresses to make sure they were working. Well, they are! Yet here I sit, still waiting for a response to no avail. What gives?! Do you have cheap sod or not? Are you just using Craigslist to test the waters and see if you've "still got it" sod-wise? Are you just some sod-bot and not a real person? Was my need for sod somehow not enough for you? Was it because I'm seeking an NSA (Need Sod ASAP) relationship with a sod purveyor and you're looking more for an LTR (Lawn Term Relationship)? Now I feel like I'm in the lawncare version of "He's Just Not That Into You." Do I send yet another email or would that seem "psycho" at this point? Are you not responding to any emails or is it just me? All I want is some freaking grass on my freaking black dirt at a good price. Well, if I don't hear from you today I'm moving on. I've got needs, and obviously you're either not serious or you're picky about who gets a piece of your grass. I didn't even mention it in my email but if you'd answered you'd have found out I have plenty of bare patches for some lucky sod guy. But I guess someone else will get to lay those.

Whomever wrote this is either crazy, seeking attention or one of those people with high sarcasim-to-the-point-it-scares-you kind of thing. Either way, it was funny at the point and time I was reading it.


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