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Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to protect my camera from rain or moisture

How can I protect my camera from rain or moisture?
If you don't have the proper equipment to protect your camera from rain or moisture, you can always put it under your coat pocket to keep it warm as well.
Also, they have special camera bags available online so you can actually take it under water with you if your scubba diving or just from the rain/snow. Just be sure you don't get bit by a shark =)
Try searching Google for "underwater camera bags". They arn't very expensive but some of them can get preety up there - they are around $40-$300 and you can take pictures beneath the water from about 15 feet or more.

How can I keep my camera screen from getting any scratches or dirt on it?
Just use a proper LCD protector that will fit your LCD. Sometimes you may need to cut the adhesive cover just to fit your LCD.

How can I keep my camera from getting melted or overheated in the car?
Simply go around and just lock it in the trunk. This will also eliminate the possibility of theft. Sometimes direct sunlight can warp the camera parts. On hot days, you can take it indoors.


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