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Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Apple iPhone 3G S

Today's most popular phone is the Apple iPhone 3G S. I woudn't be surprised since I'm aware of the vast features it offers. It is the best phone for someone on the go. Simply plug it into your car and it can be charged in no time. You stunning pictures as well? Well, no problem as the iPhone even offers high quality photos.
This is a high peice of technology, within the palm of your hands - you can also add useful applications. Choose from 70,000 applications for your personal or business desires. Organize your life with this fine equipment, has applications like Bento (create databases), Mover for swapping with other iPhone photos and much more.
Going to have a long driving trip? Well, that's great since the iPhone allows you to connect to your mp3's and even take calls without your hands - something called "voice activation".

Features include:

  • Video: High quality VGA videos for shooting.

  • 3-Megapixel camera: Built-in autofocus and display.

  • Voice Activation: Ask the phone to play a song for you or call someone.

  • New compass: Built in compass allows you to get around easier.

  • Cut, Copy, & Paste: Allows for copying for sending e-mails or adding to your clipboard.

  • Messaging: Talk to all your friends online msg service or through text.

  • Internet Tethering: Connect to the internet from anywhere or your laptop!

  • Voice memos: Create a memo so you don't forget any ideas or appointments.

  • Nike + Ipod: Start working out in the gym or from home. Ipod has sensor.

  • Lost iPhone: Forgot your iPhone at the park? No problem, it tracks and displays location.

  • Applications: Offers up to 70,000 applications.


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