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Sunday, October 18, 2009

How to do Link Building for your website

There are many benefits to link building for your website. For example, you can generate traffic that is genuine. Many people spend thousands of dollars for advertising, but once they stop paying for the ads - the traffic will stop all together.

Link Building is the process of creating strong back links to your site on different websites. Before you read the rest of this tutorial, you might want to read my other article about how to get your website indexed by google by clicking here. That way you know your website is in their directory for anything to show up.

I know it may seem like a tedious process for your website - but once you do this, it really pays off - and that way you don't need to buy bogus traffic. There's a few things that you should consider before doing this. Content is an essential key so visitors will have something pleasing to read.

Set a goal each day, like ay you will post 5x a day on your website. Now, I will begin to show you the steps of link building.

Submit your site to Link Directories
There are some good link directory programs out there that are free to generate a small amount of traffic. Try looking them up on google and signing up to 10 link directories just to start out. It may take 2-4 days to get your link approved by admins. but it's worth the traffic you will get in the long run.

Submit your site to search engines
Search engines provide a great way of getting a steady flow of traffic. The first 3 search engines you should submit your website to is Google, Yahoo, and MSN. That way you will get your maximum views for your website. You can extend your results by looking for more search directories as well. Try submitting your website to 2 search engines each dy and you should have loyal visitors in no time.

Social Networking
The best way to market your website is by social networking. Head on over to Myspace and make an account. It doesn't have to be myspace, can be Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, or any other site. You should upload your logo in the place of your profile picture. It's possible that you can build up to 1,000 friends in 5 days with consistant work.

I know of three online programs that are free so you can add up to 500 friends each day. Most of these sites work like this - you add friends, then each friend you add- you get a number of points for. Each point or points you receive - gives you friends that request an add from you. If you look in my post about how to get 500 myspace friends, you'll learn alot. Here is the link.

Popular forums are the best way to promote your site. If you post detailed tutorials and articles, you will have traffic to your website in no time. Set aside 1 hour each day to write one tutorial about something you know about but make sure it is related to your website topic or the visitors you will get won't enjoy your site. Trust me, the internet is a vast oasis and people are out there searching for all kinds of information to benefit their knowledge.

Submit your site to Article Websites
There are around 50 article submission sites out there that you can submit to. The only con to this is that it takes about 6-13 days to become approved once you submit an article. Make sure your grammar is correct and you do spellcheck as well. It's always good to have someone else proof read. I really reccomend starting out with the less popular submission sites because the admins. don't get that much e-mail, therefore they can publish your article in less than 6 days. Work your way up from there. You can also try EzineArticles, that's a great place to begin.


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