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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to add TweetMeme to Blogger [ Solution to your template could not be parsed ]

I have spent about 2 hours trying to fix this problem and have finally came up with an easy solution that I'd like to share with the community.

Anyways, I went ahead and followed this tutorial: Add a Retweet button to your posts on Blogger with Tweetme

After I followed all the steps I kept getting this error on Blogger:
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “type” .

Did some fishing around to fix this and came up with a solution where you don't need to scroll through "Edit layout" and find the coding.

1. Go to "Edit layout" and copy all the HTML in your layout. Make sure expand widgets is checked first.

2. Go to:

3. Copy and paste your template into "Existing Blogger Template" box just below.

4. Adjust your settings the way you like.

5. Scroll down to "Generate Modified Template".

6. Wallah, you should have it now. All you need to do is copy that whole code and paste into "Edit template" in your Blogger. Now it is "Well-parsed". Hehe

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  1. Tweetmeme is definitely a must-have plug-in!

  2. This issue has been perplexing me for so long! You are a life-saver - thank you so much for pointing out this solution!

  3. its say to me
    Invalid Template: not a valid Blogger template. If editing an Advanced Template please ensure Expand Widget Templates is highlighted when copying your code

    and i expand widegt but i found same error
    what can i do?

  4. oh thank you sooooo much !!! Would you mind if we "guest posted" this on my site with linkback to you of course ?

    it was so much easier than any other instruction we've found .

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  6. WOW! thank you so much! Great one!

    none of other codes and solutions worked for me.
    thank you!