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Sunday, November 1, 2009

800 Free Wordpress Templates / Themes

It seems like everyone today has a Wordpress Theme so I was thinking, why not benefit the communities with these free themes? Here are links to the best Wordpress themes. Most of them are 2.8 compatible and are great for personal or business use. The first site is my favorite because they rate all the templates based on SEO use (headers, etc) and W3C compatibility.

168 Wordpress Themes that have been rated based on SEO + General:

100 Best Wordpress Themes you are going to Love and Use by TopTut:

45+ Must see Wordpress Themes with Live Demo and D/L:

552 Themes for Wordpress. WOW!

70+ and more WP Themes from Epreson.

150+ Free and Premium Wordpress themes provided by WPHacks.


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